Summer Slimming

Weight Loss Highlight

Slimmer For Summer

Are you worried about your pet's weight? More and more pets are becoming overweight and obese, which leads to health problems including strain on the joints, heart and lungs, and lowers life expectancy by around 2 years! 

The good news is that with the help of diet and exercise, most dogs and cats can be helped to lose weight by their owners, as we can be their dietary self control! 


Top Tips for Weight Loss

  • Weigh out dry kibble pet food to ensure you know how much you are giving and so you can change the amount if necessary. Wet food can be measured out.
  • Buying a reduced calorie food, including prescription diets, can significantly help the success of a weight loss program by reducing calories without your pet feeling hungry and empty.
  • Cut out humans foods as these are often highly calorific and so tasty they are highly sought after.
  • If treats are to be given ensure you reduce the daily food allowance to compensate for the extra calories, as treats are often highly calorific
  • Increase exercise by using feeding balls or toys as a game or throwing the food into the garden to be hunted – it increases fun too!
  • Use simple exercise like retrieving for dogs, of following a pen torch or dangled twine for cats for 30 minutes daily to increase exercise.

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